Zaid Kubba


Zaid Kubba is a Registered Financial Adviser and comes from a background of business. He owns a finance and insurance company which he has grown at an exponential rate. He oversees every site that is developed to ensure it is done correctly.

Sam Abdullah


Sam is Head of Sales. He has a wealth of experience in sales and has worked for major companies, both in New Zealand and overseas, including IRD and the Real Estate industry in Dubai. Sam is the first point of contact for new and existing clients and runs the presentations for prospective customers.

Rebecca Kubba


Jack Cahill

Lead Generation

Jack is an economics and finance graduate from Dublin's Tech University. He has been immersed in sales his whole life, growing up in a sales family. He has traveled over 30 countries, working in many different industries. He has worked in many trades in North America and New Zealand. He is energetic / love sports / travelling.

John Wu Yajun


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